Life is One Big Adventure


There are about 7.8 billion people in the world. Everyone, regardless of where they live, experiences greater or lesser adventures. In fact, our earthly adventure and journey through life begins from the moment we are born.

For a child who is beginning to explore the world, learning to walk and talk is an adventure. The immediate surroundings provide the first experiences and become the center of these children’s adventures. Sometimes you can hear the parents or grandparents of such a toddler, who say with satisfaction…. “tell me what adventure you had today.”

With the passage of years and subsequent stages of exploring the world, there are more and more of these adventures. As we grow up, our adventures evolve, as does our perception of adventures. We treat adventures more in terms of ‘life surprises’ or situations that affect our lives, initiating, for example, a sports or acting career. Who, reading an interview with a well-known sportsman or actor, has not heard such a statement, starting with the words… “My adventure with sport or acting began…” and here is a description of the circumstances in which it all began.

In fact, it can be said that life would be boring and monotonous without everything that we call adventure, because every adventure contains some element of surprise that can affect our lives, changing it completely.

In this adventure that I want to tell about, I was not the only heroine. There was one more hero, but at the very beginning the heroes of this event did not know about each other’s existence. Each of them lived their own lives, experiencing different adventures, and they did not plan any similar adventure that was about to happen. This adventure appeared suddenly and changed the orderly lives of two people by 180 degrees. She appeared in the most unusual time and place of events that have engulfed the world and humanity.

The heroes of this adventure lived on two different continents. The heroine in Europe, specifically in Poland, while the hero lived on the American continent, in the USA. In a word, it was an international adventure!!!

life is a big adventure for Pat and Ela

Two adventures, two people in different parts of the world, became one common adventure.

You’re probably wondering how is that possible? Well, as you can see, it is possible thanks to modern technologies, but above all because of the mutual trust that the heroes of this adventure have built and mutually shared.


Like most people, I use a social networking site called Facebook. Some people hate it, of course sharing these opinions through it, others just like me use these facilities and opportunities it offers.

Facebook evokes extreme emotions and opinions, but it must be admitted that during the global pandemic it played an important role as a social communicator, maintaining interpersonal relationships.

I have no problems with making contacts, but I am very careful on social media because the world of virtual contacts is full of virtual scammers. Probably everyone is well versed in the mechanism of their operation. Social media provides them with perfect anonymity. That is why I have followed and still follow the principle of limited trust!

One night in November 2019, Facebook placed a sponsored TEXAS-YETI page on my page, Elżbieta Uchacz-Nyczka. I knew and remembered where Texas was from my school days. I also knew who Yeti was from reading books in which he was described as a mythical representative of an unidentified species (s) of animal or human found in remote, high-mountain regions of the Himalayas ..Hmmmm, I thought what is this? Texas Yeti sounded interesting. Did Yeti move to Texas because he was fed up with snow and ice, so he chose to live in a slightly warmer area. But why did he choose Texas and not, for example, the Maldives? There were a lot of questions, but this is normal for me. I guess because of my profession, I always asked people questions that they were not necessarily willing to answer. But as a policeman, this reluctance to answer was understandable.

Texas Yeti lives a life of adventure

Okay… I thought. Let’s see what Texas Yeti site is. I started flipping through it and to my surprise I saw pictures of a guy who was looking at me from this picture and he didn’t look like a Yeti at all. Even with the stubble on his face, he looked more like someone who hadn’t shaved in a while than a Yeti covered in fur from head to toe. Well, I thought, Mr. Yeti, since you have already invested in the promotion of your website and Facebook specialists decided that this page may be interesting for me, I’ll check why it is interesting and worth my attention.. One “click” on my Texas Yeti website started the weave events that changed my life, and this sponsored page that appeared on my site changed the life of Texas Yeti. !!!I One click in Poland launched links to the Texas Yeti website. What I saw literally knocked me into my chair. happy. He repeated this action several times. The site was full of various amazing stories with his participation. Oh my god what a guy. Who is the guy hiding under the name Texas Yeti? Another question came up after viewing this page!


In the following days, we became part of this Great Life Adventure that began to draw before us, although we did not know it yet. I read posts, watched photos and film reports from a distant country where Texas Yeti lived. All the time I was wondering who normal nowadays is able to live like this, It seemed to me that such experiences and lifestyle that this strange guy led could only be seen in movies or read in adventure books, and here comes in real life, a man who shows that what seems impossible is possible ….!!! Posts published by Texas Yeti, of course, I did not leave without comments, because they were worth opinions. Soon our casual acquaintance changed character because from a fan of Texas Yeti I became a friend of Patrick Taylor. I got an invitation to join his friends group. Thanks to that we could take a closer look at each other. I saw that behind the Texas Yeti façade is an interesting man and personality named Patrick. Not any virtual scammer, having two or three photos with one/two of his likes, charming women with a fancy car, posing against the background of a stately house and claiming to be an officer of the American Army, a doctor or a manager working in oil fields, who by a strange coincidence, resides in some African or Arab country and by a strange coincidence has 5 or 6 friends from these countries, but no friend from the country of origin to which he refers. Anyone who uses social media knows how easy it is to be targeted by these virtual scammers. I’ve warned people against this kind of online dating many times in my career because I knew how it works, but in this case, Patrick Taylor’s site was full of posts, photos, and comments from his friends. Using the terminology of the police, the “personal verification” of Patrick’s website was positive, so I could join his circle of friends, without fear that someone else, without the knowledge and consent of the man in the photo, “appropriated” his interesting biography.

I have to admit that it was nice to be a part of this male world, in which, apart from adventures, there was room for “juicy” jokes and equally juicy comments. It may sound strange because I’m a woman, but I liked this style of writing. For many years I was part of this male world where using “juicy language” was nothing strange. Cops are like that too, so it wasn’t surprising to me. I enjoyed reading the posts and comments on Patrick’s page because they were “naturally natural”!!. However, one photo in particular impressed me and stuck in my memory. A photo of his face and eyes. Those eyes caught my attention because they were sad. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sad soul, I thought. I wondered what the story behind those eyes was. But I had to wait a few months to solve this mystery, because only two / three weeks after we became friends from Facebook, Patrick posted a post informing that he was disappearing for 3 months, because he was going on another winter trip. He intended to spend in the mountains under tent in the middle of winter three months. What???

winter adventure Texas Yeti

Three months in the mountains? Winter.!!! I almost choked on the tea I was drinking at the time. This guy must be from outer space, because who decides and chooses alone for such an extreme mountain 3-month “trip”. Like who, I replied to myself and started laughing. This guy in the photo, who to his friends is Patrick Taylor, and to fans of his adventures is better known as Texas Yeti.


Patrick logged out of the virtual world, but remained part of the real world where he spent the winter. So to give you a taste of the emotions that came after his disappearance from social media, at this point I end the first part of this story. I don’t disappear like Pat for 3 months, but if you want to know the continuation of our adventure, I invite you to read the second part, which will be released on Monday.

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  1. What a wonderful beginning to a beautiful relationship. I can’t wait for part 2!

  2. Thank you for sharing. With so much negativity in the world and on FB, it does much heart good to read about happiness, adventure and real people. Best to you and Pat and a speedy recovery on his hand!

  3. Oh man you hooked me…. I was right with you, anxiously waiting the “rest of the story.”

  4. What a wonderful experience… and I can hear your voice in the words. Excellent story, Elzbieta. Thank you for your contribution!!

  5. What a wonderful beginning to a lifetime of adventures, yet to come! Great storytelling, Ela!
    I can’t wait to read the next post…
    The love you have found and the life that you and Pat share, is what dreams are made of! Isn’t it amazing that in such a big world, with so many miles between, you found that “missing piece” to your soul! When something is meant to be for us, it WILL be! Nothing more exciting, then planning adventures with the love of your life!

  6. Thank you Joni. You put it perfectly. The most beautiful things in life you don’t plan, they come when you least expect it.Our history has shown that the impossible has become possible.

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