life is a puzzle

Life Puzzle: Part II

Life is a Network of Circumstances

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? I do. It’s an extremely exciting activity and entertainment consisting of matching individual small fragments that ultimately make up a bigger picture. Puzzles are both logical and analytical activities that require the use of imagination.


Analysing it, putting together element by element into a single whole, from the weave of various events, circumstances and situations, a picture begins to emerge, our life, an image of ourselves begins to emerge.

Of course, people create and model their own lives, but it must be remembered that these actions take place in specific situations resulting from a combination of circumstances and events that we have no influence on, but they affect our lives. The Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius put it so aptly a long time ago.

“For centuries, whatever may happen to you has been prepared for you, and the tangle of causes has intertwined for centuries for your existence and his.”

Aurelius you are great!!! You were right because this combination of causes thoroughly intertwined into my and Pat’s existence, consequently combining our two life adventures into one, great and exciting adventure, causing life to add even more small pieces to this puzzle, which we began to laboriously put together.

It was and is, in my opinion, a pretty good puzzle that required patience, imagination, trust, tolerance and compromise from us.

However, before that happened, Patrick cut off from civilization, measured the level of his winter endurance, then wandered around the wild corners of Idaho, while I, being part of the same civilization, spent winter holidays in Greece.

At Peace among the Meteora Monasteries

Winter in Greece. Why not? It can be really fantastic. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, good food and the company of friends. Pat, at the same time, only on another continent and in completely different conditions, experienced the life of a hermit, being part of wild and fascinating nature, and at the same time providing further life experiences.

But our lives were about to change due to yet another series of events about which neither he nor I had a complete clue.

Not even a week had passed since I returned from Greece, when information about some strange virus in China, which caused the closure of the city of Wuhan, began to appear on TV more and more often. People on social media were spinning conspiracy theories about this “strange virus” and its origins. Soon, due to this Chinese pandemic, Europe and the whole world closes to the world.. People are isolated in their homes almost overnight. Social life is moving from the level of contacts in the real world to the online world.

It is the beginning of March 2020. We are in the 21st century, and the world is facing a threat called PANDEMIC!!! Like in some disaster movie!!

Not that I was depressed about the whole situation and the atmosphere, quite the contrary, I had my opinion about it. I did not panic, I kept common sense and humor.

Pandemic Memories

Patrick had a similar mood and emotions after returning from his winter trip. Sharing with friends the significant question “Why did I return to civilization? If I returned to a completely different reality.”

We Put Life’s Jigsaw Together

This is how he returned to a completely different reality, which was the beginning of his and my great and amazing adventure. Although we did not realize it yet, this new reality brought us closer together, and the combination of circumstances revealed to us an increasingly larger and clearer picture of it. until there was an impulse that caused the message sent from New York (USA) to Strzelin, (Poland) to trigger another chain of events that led us to where we are now.

I can boldly say that we are lucky, but brave lucky. We were not afraid to make decisions that completely changed our lives.

This combination of circumstances, these small fragments of our lives formed one common picture of Pat & Ela!! Impossible??? Of course it’s possible. We are the best example of this. A Pole from Poland and an American from the United States created “The Best Turbo Team”.

Now we live, live together and experience our adventures .. We create our world and despite the fact that we come from different continents and speak different languages, we understand each other perfectly, as if we have known each other forever!!!. We are “Two sides of the same coin”.

We Solved the Puzzle Together

I am glad that Pat is a part of my life as I have become a part of his life.

When people ask us about our beginnings, I wink at Patrick and say it was destiny. Our meeting was part of God’s plan where God used Facebook to connect us.

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  1. Loved reading about how you got together. You did a great job, Ela!!!

  2. It’s a vast world, but technology has connected us like we were neighbors. It’s a great story to hear how y’all found each other across the oceans. As if predestined.

  3. We are the best example that if you use them well, these modern technologies can be useful, connecting people in this way. Thanks them , the distance, it took on a completely different meaning.

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