Polonica Zdroj (Spa)

Rest & Relaxation in Poland

One of the most refreshing things about Europe is the priority it’s citizens give to rest and relaxation. Americans drive themselves into early graves with long work weeks and short vacations. In Poland, the government actually sponsors stays (for nationals and residents) in one of the many spas located throughout the country. It has become our habit to visit one every spring.

Polonica Zdroj hotel

Polonica Zdroj

‘Zdroj’ (pronounced ‘z-dru-ee’) for the Polish word for spa. There are several of them near the Czech border a little more than one hour from our home. I am not a native Pole, but I could qualify for government subsidy. Since we’re healthy, we don’t mind paying our way because a room in this fine facility is sixty dollars a night – which includes two nutritious meals at the buffet downstairs. There are a variety of treatments available for guests, including mineral bath, cryotherapy, and all manner of massage.

The facility itself is only one part of what we enjoy about our time in Polonica. It is a lovely little town featuring all the things that make spending time in this town a holiday.

The City

City Street in Polonica Zdroj

Polonica Zdroj is charming. Cobblestone streets wind their way through parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. The atmosphere is laid-back; it is not a hotspot for young people, but it’s not a stodgy place where seniors use walkers to make their way to the closest bench. The parks are rich with flora… well-tended and colorful.

Flowers in Polonica Zdroj

There’s something about walking through this town that is relaxing in itself. It is our habit to enjoy a treatment at the hotel after breakfast, then work our way to the city for our daily coffee and cake.

The Food

Oh, I love the cakes in Poland! They are not as sweet as I’m accustomed to back home. (You wouldn’t know that by looking at them!) They don’t have the same aftertaste I get after eating a sleeve of Hostess donuts or Little Deb cakes. It might seem like a conflict of interest… to be eating cake every day during our week at the spa. We like to categorize it as ‘relaxation’.

Cukiernia in Polonica Zdroj

There are many fine restaurants in town. The most popular meats in Poland are chicken and pork; beef is not readily available. To my surprise, however, Polonica had a couple of restaurants that specialized in beef. The quality was high; we even had the opportunity to enjoy steak tartare.

The Water

No trip to a spa town would be complete without consuming the mineral waters. In Polonica Zdroj, there are a couple of buildings dedicated to serving the waters so abundant in this region. There are signs that break down the mineral content of the waters.

They bottle it so you can take it home and there are fountains where you can enjoy it on the spot. (It’s healthy, yes; but I’m not certain ‘enjoy’ is the appropriate word for it. LOL)

The Benefit

People in Europe take more time off from work than people in America, generally speaking. As I mentioned earlier, the government actually subsidizes trips to these spa facilities for its citizens, particularly those in need of medical attention or those in retirement.

The end result is better health and a better attitude, which results in better performance. And the time we spend in Polonica pays dividends immediately. We feel refreshed and ready for action… energized to go home and begin our work in the garden.

Ela leaving Polonica Zdroj water house

But don’t take my word for it. A picture is worth a thousand words and video evidence is priceless! Check out the senior Casanova on the right… showing his style on the dance floor!

The Senior’s Disco in Polonica

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  1. Another beautiful trip! Any country that prioritizes the health of its people is doing the right thing. I’ve always thought that we’re meant to do more than work until we drop. I put too much into my career and it ended up compromising my health – now in retirement I’ve used my time for fixing the mind and body. Feed the soul. And I think I mentioned it before that cake can be a breakfast item! And lunch. And supper! All the best Pat and Ela! Enjoy the soak….

  2. I got stuck in the work yourself to death trap, I ended up overweight with diabetes. I have finally come to realize (after 2 hard years of working out and getting back to a healthy weight and good returns on my bloodwork), that having all that money isn’t worth it if you don’t live to enjoy it. I’ve also come to realize that it takes a lot less than we think it does to live and be happy. But I’ll have to pass on that Steak Tartare, Lol.

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