The backstory is this blog’s geneology: it outlines a history of reaching inspired goals… realizing dreams. I spent a lifetime exploring various paths to happiness. This blog content is real-world tested.

I live my dreams…’s as simple as that.

People want to know more about living their dreams; about cultivating happiness and making important changes in their lives. I have a lot of experience doing those things well. Here are a few examples:

Young Man

As a young man, I thought about, dreamed about, made plans to explore the world & discover its best-kept secrets. By my 30th birthday, I was an American expat with a passport thick as a phone book. This chapter in my life was the off-ramp to a ‘road less traveled’… exactly as I had imagined.

  • International Well Logging Engineer
  • International Business Development Manager
Business Man

As a family man, I became a successful entrepreneur & small-business champion, as well as a published author & featured speaker for Microsoft & Intel. More importantly, we built a business on principles & established an honorable reputation. Exciting results for a self-funded start-up… another dream realized.

  • President & Co-Founder – Proactive Technologies
  • President – Intel Board of Advisors
Mountain Man

In my 50s, I battled armies of unexpected change. In fact, I lost just about everything… except my outlook on life. It took time, but I began a new chapter & acted on a long-repressed desire to be a real mountain man. An unlikely adventure for a gray-haired business man, but I was able to make it happen.

  • Traversed the Rockies alone on foot retracing Lewis & Clark’s historic crossing.
  • Wintered alone in the Frank Church Wilderness.
Vintage Man

In retirement, I relocated to Poland to begin a new adventure. COVID & closed borders kept us separated for a year. Undeterred, we moved forward with our dream. Now Ela & I are building a new life together in a little town called Strzelin. It’s never too late for adventure.

..that’s the backstory.

These combined experiences illustrate the effectiveness of my unique perspective on making changes in the pursuit of happiness. That’s what this website is all about; sharing all the little things I’ve learned about being happy.

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