The backstory is this blog’s geneology: it outlines a history of reaching inspired goals… realizing dreams. I spent a lifetime exploring various paths to happiness. This blog content is real-world tested. Just sayin’,

I live my dreams.
It’s as simple as that.

People want to know more about living their dreams; how to cultivate happiness and make important changes in their lives. I have a lot of experience doing those things well. Here are a few examples:

In retirement, I relocated to Poland to begin a new adventure. COVID & closed borders kept us separated for a year. Undeterred, we moved forward with our dream. Now Ela and I are building a new life together in a little town called Strzelin. It’s never too late for adventure.

In my 50s, I battled armies of unexpected change. In fact, I lost everything… except my outlook on life. It took time, but I began a new chapter and acted on a long-repressed desire to be a real mountain man. An unlikely adventure for a gray-haired business man, but I was able to make it happen.

  • Traversed the Rockies alone on foot retracing Lewis & Clark’s historic crossing.
  • Wintered alone in the Frank Church Wilderness.

I was a successful entrepreneur, small-business champion, published author and featured speaker for Microsoft and Intel in the United States. More importantly, we built a business on principles and established an honorable reputation. Exciting results for a self-funded start-up… another dream realized.

  • President & Co-Founder – Proactive Technologies
  • President – Intel Board of Advisors

As a young man, I thought about, dreamed about, made plans to explore the world and discover its best-kept secrets. By my 30th birthday, I was an American expat with a passport thick as a phone book. This chapter in my life was the off-ramp to a ‘road less traveled’… exactly as I had imagined.

  • International Well Logging Engineer
  • International Business Development Manager

Athletes and bad-asses joined the Corps and I was neither of those things in high school. There was absolutely no evidence of bad-assery in my past. Becoming a Marine was the first time I did a thing I did not know I could do.

  • 1st Improbable Goal: becoming a United States Marine.

..and that’s the backstory. These combined experiences give me a unique perspective on making changes in life in the pursuit of happiness. That’s what this website is all about; sharing all the little things I’ve learned about being happy.

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