The antipode of Walter Mitty, I live the lives I imagine.

In October and November 2013, I walked across the Rocky Mountains alone to retrace the trail of Lewis & Clark. Every few days, I recorded my observations and experiences in a journal… seven weeks on the trail of self-discovery in one of the most isolated areas of America. I thought my kids might enjoy reading about the adventure someday.

The journal was published as “Lost on Purpose”. Imagine my surprise when it reached Amazon bestseller status in ‘Mountaineering’ and remains in the Kindle Top 10 after five years! I wasn’t a writer at the time (and it showed) but it was a lifestyle that appealed to me; I could have adventures and write books about them. And that’s what I did.

To date, I have written five non-fiction adventure books. True stories: every tale backed up with GPS tracks, photos with date and time stamps, and witnesses. No ‘reality show’ pretend stuff… they’re real adventures. And they’re popular; easy-to-read and entertaining, they each average 4+ out of 5 stars with readers on Amazon.

You can see descriptions, reviews, & pricing for all my books by clicking here for They are available in paperback, Kindle, audiobook… all the popular formats. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them… for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. Thanks.

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