Big Picture

happiness is the big picture

People want to be happy… that’s the big picture. And most are open to good ideas for living happier lives. We look for stories about change and growth and progress that resonate with us, that we can customize to our circumstances, that we can make work for us. Not only business but success in life. Everyone is interested in more happiness.

This site is a source of ideas for building happier lives. It’s a positive and productive alternative to the unreal craziness in the world right now. These 5-minute articles are created for Baby Boomers, achievers, travelers and adventurers, veterans and others writing new chapters in their lives, but most everyone will enjoy them. It’s free and easy entertainment; just me sharing observations, opinions, and tales of true adventure.

Ready? Now that you’ve got the big picture, go to the menu icon to navigate the site (or click here for the latest article). There is a drop-down menu bottom right to use Google Translate. New articles are posted every Friday (for the weekend) and Monday (for the week ahead). You should subscribe for email delivery. No fees… it’s not that kind of site. Let’s go!

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